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12 - May - 20180 Answers

i want to buy a gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh ?

i firstly have 2 choices 1.Asus ROG Strix GL553 GL553VE-FY127T (i,m confused for he ram as some places i see 16GB and some places 8GB)2. Acer Predator Helios 3003. any better option or suggestioni want that games like DOOM,GTA:5,PUBG and FORTNITE and almost all AAA games should run smoothly?

12 - May - 20180 Answers

Which smartphone is good for me under 7000?

I want to take InFocus vision 3 but I am little bit confused that I have to go through with or not.

07 - May - 20180 Answers

I need a laptop fast

I need a laptop with i7 processor,ram 8gb,ssd 256 or 128,Cost around 80 k and 90 k

04 - May - 20180 Answers

How does Digit verify the test results of camera comparisons

Dear Team,Thank you for your ambitious work. I would like ask how you verify the results. As far as I have seen, the tests are just subjectively and not objectively with a rating system like the VCX-score. Is there an update planned in the future to make the tests more representative?Best RegardsAlex

03 - May - 20180 Answers

Which laptop should I buy?

I have 2 choices. One is an Intel i5 7300HQ with Nvidia GTX 1050 and other is Intel i5 8250U with Nvidia Geforce 940MX. Both GPUs are 2 GB. My work includes programming, Graphic designing and a little of video editing(Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro). Which one should I buy?

03 - May - 20180 Answers

how to reuse old tv speakers

I have old bpl tv which has great speaker and woofer unfortunatley now my tv is not working but I want to reuse those speakers so can anyone tell me how can I resuse them please help me out with this

02 - May - 20181 Answers

Earphone recommendation

Kindly recommend me an earphone which is not too bass heavy but is acoustically rich. Also throw some light on the COWON EM1 and its build quality

01 - May - 20180 Answers

Where to find the digit subscription code?

I recently shifted to a new home and i want to change my digit subcription address. In the change of address form it asks for subcription code and i am not aware of where to find it. Could you please help?

27 - Apr - 20180 Answers

which one i should buy ?

huawei mate 10 litehuawei p20 lites6 edge s7 edges6 edge plus

27 - Apr - 20180 Answers

iphone heating issue

I am using iPhone 6 and when I am using internet it is getting heated shall I contact Apple Customer Service or is there any other way to solve it

26 - Apr - 20180 Answers
24 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Building Gaming Pc Under 20K

Hi Digit, I\'m having problems in selecting parts for my gaming PC.I already have : Processor- Intel Pentium CPU G2020 @2.9GHz, Ram 6GB- Corsair(4GB), LG Monitor-LED 19EN33, Hard Drive-500GB Toshiba, External 2TB WD Passwordthat\'s not much but that\'s what I got for now...:)I need to upgrade My PC .Please Help...Under 20KWant to upgrade the Motherboard, Ram, +Graphics Card, *monitor.

24 - Apr - 20180 Answers

Which PC to buy?

Hello digit team, I\'m a frequent reader of your digit magazine and I have been reading this magazine from last 3 years. I am completely crazy about your magazine. Actually now I need your help on buying one PC under Rs. 75k. Please suggest me something which will be best for me. I would prefer a laptop of Apple. I actually need a PC with better security, better functions and better graphics.